Let’s say you are moving to town from another place for your job.  You have to work, while you look and your spouse and kids are in another state.  You may not even be working here, but the company says, “We want you at work at the end of the month!”.  How do you take all that on?  Do NOT be afraid to ask for help from your agent!

  1.  We can video homes for you while you work and send them to you and your spouse on cell phone text messages.  You would be surprised how different these videos are from the virtual tours and videos provided by the listing agents as marketing materials.  We can stand outside and listen for road noise.  We can look for all the stuff you might not like.  It is really quite helpful.
  2. We can help you locate a short term rental for when you start work.
  3. We can scout out info about schools and other resources you may need upon arrival.

The point is that you need to ask.  We cannot read your mind, but we do want to help.  Most agents are thrilled to help you get settled.  If your agent is not…..find another.

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