Why did my listing expire without selling?

Let me count the ways…..

  1. Is it priced to be competitive with other current active listings?
  2. Is it priced to be competitive with the prices of homes that recently sold?
  3. Is it priced the same percentage above list price as other recently sold homes?
  4. Besides plopping it in MLS did the agent do any marketing?
  5. Was at least one E-Blast done about your home?
  6. Was a postcard sent?
  7. Did your home get professional photography?  (THIS IS A BIG ONE)
  8. Did your home get aerial photography?
  9. Did your home get a 3D tour?
  10. Did your home get professional video?
  11. Did the agent send out a “Just Listed” postcard?
  12. Did you get a professional glossy brochure?
  13. Did your home get social media exposure?
  14. Did your home have maximized search engine optimization?
  15. Did your home have internet advertising?
  16. Did your agent have a marketing plan?
  17. Did you get plenty of showings but no offers?
  18. Did you have adequate communication with your agent?
  19. Did you cut the commission, thereby demotivating your agent from spending money and demotivating the showing agents from promoting your home?
  20. Did you list for a long enough period that the listing agent was motivated to spend money on marketing it?
  21. Did you list with an agent who has good relationships with other agents?
  22. Does your home have an offensive odor?
  23. Is your home in showing condition?
  24. Was your agent brave enough to tell you what you NEED to hear and not just what you WANT to hear?
  25. Did you allow showings when agents wanted to show without advance notices limits?
  26. Real Estate is a team sport.  Were you and your agent both good players??

No?  Maybe that’s why.  🙂


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