Know how much you qualify for BEFORE you look!

I know, I know!!  It is downright scary to call up a lender and find out if you qualify to buy or how much you qualify to buy.  BUT IT IS NOT AS SCARY as reversing the order!

Everyone thinks they can figure out what they qualify for, but in fact it is not as easy as you think.  A good lender can help you do this in about an hour after a 15 minute phone call.  SO JUST PICK UP THE PHONE…. or else.

Or else what?

  1. Or else you may fall in love with the way homes look that you THOUGHT you could afford and nothing that you can afford is going to look good after that experience.
  2. Or else you can find out that you need to change your price bracket because you did not factor in the correct amount of closing costs.
  3. Or else you may have to face the Realtor who has dragged you around to 20 homes and tell him/her that you don’t qualify for the homes you have seen.

See?  Easier to find out first.  Right?

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